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When passcode is still remembered, and you can successfully access iPhone, iPhone can be hard reset via menu. Step 1: Go to Settings General Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings . Step 2: When a message prompts you whether you want to restore iPhone to factory settings, just click OK to confirm Connect your iPhone to your computer; Open the iTunes app; Click the device icon in the top left of the screen (it should look like a tiny iPhone) Click 'Summary' Click 'Restore Launch iTunes and select the iPhone icon. 3. Click the Restore button on the iTunes summary tab. 4

Hard reset your iPhone using these simple and safe steps to follow: Step 01 - Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Step 02 - Hold this position until you see the logo of Apple appears. Step 03- When you see the Apple logo display, release all pressed buttons A hard/factory reset erases all the information and settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and installs the latest version of iOS or iPod software. It's the lethal weapon to solve severe iPhone problems, such as your iPhone has a frozen screen, doesn't respond when you touch it, or iPhone becomes stuck when you turn it on

How to Put iPhone X in Recovery Mode in 5 Easy Steps

2 Hard Reset iPhone without iTunes via Home and Power Button You can also hard reset your iPhone using the home/volume and power buttons. On iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus Press and quickly release the volume up button, then the volume down button, then press and hold the power button till it displays the recovery mode screen On iTunes, come to the Summary section and click Restore to iPhone. Click Restore again to confirm. iTunes deletes your device and installs the latest iOS software. After a few minutes, your device will reboot and factory data reset process finishes. First opening can be a little longer than usual

How to Hard Reset the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. You should see a message dialog saying iTunes has detected an ‌iPhone‌ in recovery mode. You must restore this. If your iPhone has been disabled from too many passcode attempts, you won't be able to access the Settings app to reset the iPhone. Instead, you'll need to either connect it to a computer and use iTunes to reset it, or log into the iCloud website and use Find my iPhone to erase the device You can try Free ReiBoot (http://bit.ly/2HQ0uGq) to enter and exit recovery mode just by one click. This program is able to hard reset your iPhone XR/XS/X/8/.. A hard reset basically force-reboots your ‌iPhone‌, which is useful if the device is freezing, throwing up errors, or has stopped responding completely. iTunes' ‌iPhone‌ device screen. 2 WAYS! Very quick & Eas

Open the Settings app and navigate to General > Reset. Step 2. Tap on the Erase All Content and Settings option on reset screen. iOS will request you to enter your Apple ID and password to verify that you are the owner. Step 3 Reset iPhone 6 without Passcode or iTunes (when locked) When an iPhone is disabled, you have to factory reset it in order to unlock your iPhone. Tenorshare 4uKey is the best software to reset disabled iPhone to factory settings without iTunes or passcode. Run Tenorshare 4uKey on your Windows/Mac Follow the steps shared below and find out how to hard reset iPhone 5S. Step (1): First of all, press combinations of Home and Power/Sleep buttons together. Step (2): Keep holding the buttons until your iPhone turns off and reboots. Step (3): When you see Apple logo on your iPhone the hard reset process will complete In the case that you've made a backup via iCloud beforehand, the best solution to reset iPhone to factory settings without iTunes is restoring iCloud backup. Step 1. Visit iCloud official site and log in with your Apple ID. Step 2 From the home screen open the Settings option of your iPhone. Choose General from the next menu. Then navigate to the bottom of the screen and select the Reset option. Choose the second option from the top named Erase All Content and Settings

Factory reset protocol is effective using both iTunes and without using iTunes. When using iTunes to reset your iPhone, you just need to connect your iPhone to your PC unit using your original cable then restore your device. iTunes will download the device software file and restore your device on its own Steps to hard reset iPhone X with the help of power and home button. It is a little bit tricky to hard reset iPhone without iTunes in case of iPhone X. Follow the given steps to hard reset iPhone X. Step 1: Press the volume up button and the release it quickly. Step 2: Repeat the first step with the lower volume button

Part 1. Factory reset locked iPhone without iTunes using iPhone unlocker? Now, one of the best alternative software to factory reset locked iPhone without iTunes is dr.fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). dr.fone is an all-round toolbox software for all iOS devices.. It is not just an alternative tool to reset locked iPhone without iTunes and password but has been embedded with a whole lot of functions. How to factory reset iPhone 4/4s without iTunes In case you are not satisfied with the solution for how to factory reset iPhone 4/4s with iTunes, you can also reset it without iTunes. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Hit Erase iPhone to confirm. Then just wait iPhone to be reset PART 1: Restore iPhone X from iTunes to Factory Reset directly This first technique would involve a direct restoration from iPhone X to the factory settings, with the use of iTunes. This method is an official way offered by Apple to perform restoration tasks on the iPhone device Press and hold the button on the top edge until your iPhone restarts in recovery mode. iPhone 8 or Later: Press and release the Volume Up button, then press and release the Volume Down button. Press and hold the button on the right side until the iPhone boots into recovery mode Switch to iCloud backup recovery mode Open iPhone Data Recovery on your computer after reset iPhone using iTunes. Click the Recover from iCloud Backup File option on left sidebar. When it prompts, enter your Apple ID and password to access iCloud

Three Ways to Hard Reset iPhone with or without Passcod

I have an Ipad 2 that will not power up. At one point, it booted to language choice, then stuck there. I tried to hook to iTunes, but did not recognize, mainly I guess because it is not powered on. 1) Have tried to hard reset with power and other button held down for 10 seconds, no go. It now shows me a usb cable pointed to iTunes Plug in iPhone X into the system and click on 'Restore Backup to Device'. Then choose the 'Restore Partial Backup' icon on the home screen and select any data kind you wish to reinstate. Step 2: Next, you must tap 'Next' to start scanning your backup, after which you will preview the chosen data type The two buttons are essential when doing a hard reset since you have to press them simultaneously. If one button is not working, then it will be hard to perform the hard reset. • You should only release the power and home button when the apple logo appears on your iPhone. • In a hard reset, you force your iPhone to restart and no data is lost How to Reset iPhone. Step 1. Go to the Settings app > Tap General > Tap Reset. Step 2. Tap Erase All Content and Settings> Choose Erase Now. Step 3. Wait for your iPhone to reset to factory conditions. Step 4. After that, you can set up your iPhone as a new device. Part 3. Factory reset iPhone without passcode/password using iTunes

Open iClouds.com from the browser of any Internet-enabled device or computer. Then input your Apple ID and password as it is on the locked iPhone that you want to reset. Click on the Find iPhone icon to be taken to a new page. Step 2: Select the device you want to reset 2. Factory Reset iPhone Won't Go Past Apple Logo (Recovery or DFU Mode) Factory Reset, also known as Hard Reset, is usually used to wipe an iPhone so as to fix an iOS issue. Usually, you can use it to fix almost all errors that are caused by iOS updates, software crashes, and OS bugs, etc. But please notice that this will delete everything on. Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode Using iTunes. In case you've previously synced your iPhone or iPad with iTunes and haven't restart your device after the last iTunes connection, iTunes may still remember your passcode and allow access to disabled iPhone. Then you can backup locked iPhone, reset your passcode and resync the data from.

How to restore an iPhone with iTunes - Trusted Review

When your device is stuck on Recovery Mode/DFU Mode and not responding, you can use iTunes to reset iPhone X and go back to factory settings. Connect the bricked iPhone X with iTunes and a message will pop up asking whether to Restore or Update. Click Restore to proceed. Wait for iTunes finishing restoring your device Since hard resetting your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro will wipe it clean of all data, it is recommended that you create a backup of all your data before proceeding with the reset process. There are two ways you can do this: iCloud and iTunes If you decide to hard reset iPhone, you'll need a reliable iOS backup tool to keep the data stored on your device safe. Hard reset without data loss Before you start, get a set of top apps that help you run a smooth iPhone reset while keeping your data safe

This method will take you a long time to solve the problem, so it is only used in the situation that all of the functions fail to work and other methods are fail to hard reset iPhone 6S. If you choose to hard reset iPhone 6S to its factory settings with the help of iTunes, it will check it from the Apple server to find out whether the operating system is the latest version of iOS or not Click the Restore button in iTunes. Then click Restore again to confirm information about this procedure. Now your iTunes will download, prepare and restore the software on your iPhone. In order to finish operation choose Set up as a new iPhone Follow this step by step guide to hard reset your phone if it is running on iOS7: From the home screen, select ' settings '. Proceed to select the ' general ' option after selecting the settings option and a list will appear. In the list under the general option, find and select the ' reset ' option If you want to reset a disabled iPhone without using iTunes, your iPhone must have had Find My iPhone turned on in Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone. If your iPhone was signed into iCloud when it was disabled, you can erase all of its data using Find My iPhone on iCloud.com. Simply log into your iCloud account, then select your iPhone from. Basically, there are three ways to reset an iPhone or an iPad without iTunes - using hard reset, through the iOS settings and via AnyFix-ios System Recovery. Below is a step-by-step guide explaining how to reset iPhone/iPad using either method

Plug in your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Next select your iPhone from the left menu in iTunes. Click the Restore button in iTunes. * You can now do back up your files, just if you want Step #1 - While on your iPhone, swipe along until you find your Settings application and tap on it once you've found it. Step #2 - Following this, swipe down and tap on the General option followed by the Reset option at the bottom of this menu

How to Hard Reset iPhone Without or with iTunes

How to hard reset the iPhone 11 series is different from its predecessors. With age, there are changes that are incorporated in the Apple devices, which makes them different from the previous versions, the iPhone 11 being a good example of this. Shutting down for iPhones that were developed after the home button was removed is same for all User who backup iPhone with iTunes regularly will enable automatic synchronization function. Once this function is enable, data in the iPhone will be synced in PC and create as a new backup to PC whenever users connecting target device to computer. However, data in backup files will get damaged if you sync data with recovery mode Stappen om je iPhone te back-uppen voor de fabriek reset Stap 1. Download Dr.Fone - iOS Data Back-up & Herstel en start het op de computer. Klik op Meer Tools en selecteer iOS Data Back-up & Herstel If you forgot your iPhone passcode or iPhone is disabled after entering wrong passcode for too many times, you can use an iPhone passcode unlocker tool - Tenorshare 4uKey to bypass iPhone passcode and factory reset iPhone without iTunes. It will do iPhone factory reset without passcode in simple steps

3 Easy Ways on How to Hard Reset iPhone SE(2020

  1. If you used iTunes to sync and back up your iPhone, you can also use it to ditch the passcode and unlock the device. Here's how to reset a locked iPhone or iPad using iTunes: Connect your locked iPhone or iPad to the computer you've previously synced it with, then launch iTunes. Wait for the device to automatic sync and back up
  2. To restore a disabled/lock iphone without iTunes/passcode, factory/hard reset frozen/broken iPhone without iTunes, please go to Part 1: Restore iPhone System Without iTunes (Video Tutorial Included). To restore iPhone from backup without iTunes, jump to Part 2: Restore iPhone Data Without iTunes
  3. How to Easily Master Format APPLE IPHONE 6 / IPHONE 6 PLUS / IPHONE 6S PLUS with Safety Hard Reset? - Simple and Complete Solutions to Fix or Hard Reset or Master Format Devices. This community also provide reviews, tips & tricks, and information for many gadgets. We also have facility to discuss about any problems related to each devices
  4. Related: Hard reset Apple iPad Mini. Hard Reset using iTunes. Another method to perform a hard reset on your iPhone 6 Plus is by using the iTunes, and here below are the steps. Close all the windows and into your iTunes store. Check for the latest updates and download if available
  5. Method 3. How to Reset Disabled iPhone/iPad without iTunes - AnyFix. As one of the top iOS system recovery software, AnyFix is able to reset your locked or disabled iPhone to factory resetting within some simple clicks if you don't remember the screen passcode or your face id or touch id not working. Besides, AnyFix could also fix 200+ iOS system issues and 130+ iTunes issues
  6. Part 1: Hard Reset iPhone without iTunes Using UkeySoft FoneEraser. UkeySoft FoneEraser is a utility that focuses on deleting iOS data, including messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, note, browsing history, cookies, app data, etc. All deleted files are 100% unrecoverable. It helps to erase all data and settings from iPhone / iPad / iPod before you plan to resell or give away iPhone

[iOS 13 Updated] iPhone Hard Reset Not Working and How To

After a hard reset, iPhone 7 will return to the Welcome screen Reset iPhone 7 using Recovery Mode. An iPhone 7 in recovery mode will show a black display with an iTunes logo in it. It cannot be used until it has been restored through iTunes. Much like a hard reset, recovery mode results in the loss of all data on the iPhone 7 These include methods like hard reset/force reset, factory reset, entering recovery mode, or accessing the more advanced DFU mode. Editor's Pick Tested: Is a $400 iPhone SE really faster than the. 6. iTunes will download, prepare and restore the software on your iPhone. Do not unplug the iPhone from the computer during this process! 7. When finished, iTunes will ask if you want to restore from backup. Choose Set up as a new iPhone to start fresh with factory settings. 8. Enter a name for your iPhone and the process is complete To carry out a simple hard reset, do the following. Locate the home button, at the bottom of the screen and the sleep/wake button at the top right position, on the iPhone. Press the home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously and hold them till the iPhone is rebooted. This should restore functionality back to normal Start locked iPhone under recovery mode and then reset it to factory settings with iTunes is one of the most common method to hard reset iPhone. Before resetting with this method, please make sure the Find my iPhone function has been disabled

[2019] How to Hard Reset iPhone without iTunes

1. Hard Reset or Reboot iPhone X Using Buttons. 1. Press the Volume Up button on your iPhone and quickly release it. Next, press the Volume Down button and quickly release it. 2. Now, press and hold the Side button (Power button), until your iPhone starts with Apple logo. The above steps can be used to fix an iPhone that is freezing, becoming. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Select your iPhone icon when it appears in iTunes. In the Summary panel, click Restore from backup... Select a backup from a list of archives available, then click Restore Select Restore and confirm it Then iTunes will download, prepare and restore the device Next on the Set Up Your Ipad menu, select Set up as a new Ipad Klik Continue button and then enter a name of the devic

Question: Q: iphone 5 will not reset, either with itunes or hard reset while passcode is locked More Less Apple Footer This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only Část 2: Hard resetu iPhone wihtout iTunes Ujistěte se, že pečlivě dodržovat níže kroky daná: Pro iPhone 7/7 Plus Nejprve stiskněte a podržte obě Spánek / Probuzení a Volume Down tlačítka po dobu nejméně 10 sekund, dokud se neobjeví logo Apple.; Můžete obě tlačítka uvolněte poté, co se neobjeví logo Apple Once the backup is complete, click the gray Restore iPhone button when viewing the Summary tab for your given device. Click the Restore button in the resulting pop-up window to confirm your.. Doing A Hard Restart Now, a Hard Restart is normally the last resort to any troubleshooting step. For an iPhone 6, you can perform this by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds. After this period, you should see the Apple logo on the screen and that is the time you release the buttons

How to Hard Reset iPhone 8 / 8 Plus without iTunes or

Apple iPhone 6 Factory Reset & Hard Reset - How To Reset

Part 3. How to Reset iPhone with Apple ID Password. After finding back your Apple ID password, then you can perform a factory reset through Settings and iTunes. Here are the steps to do it. Option 1. Reset iPhone to Factory Settings via Settings. Step 1. Go to the Settings on your iPad. Step 2. Tap on General. Step 3. Tap on Reset. Step 4. Go to iTunes and click on the Summary panel, located on the left tab. Click the Restore iPhone. Click Restore again upon receiving the next pop-up message. Just follow the next prompts that you will receive to completely reset your iPhone without the need for an Apple ID

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: How to Hard Reset, Enter DFU

• To hard reset the phone, select the option 'Erase All Content and Settings. • Now you will see a dialogue box which will ask you to confirm if you wish to restore your iPhone to the factory settings: Tap on OK for your confirmation. • Follow the onscreen tips and you iPhone will be hard reset to the default factory settings 5. If all went well, iTunes is now downloading, arranging and restoring your iPhone's software. 6. Choose the Set up as a new iPhone option. 7. Complete the process by naming your phone Mr. Popo. 8. You have completed the hard reset of your iPhone. Congrats. Instruction #3. 1. Plug your iPhone into a PC or laptop. 2. Turn the iPhone off. 3

4 Ways to Hard Reset an iPhone - wikiHo

The iPhone hard reset is a built in tool which rectifies the majority of problems that occur on apple hand held devices. The iPhone Hard Reset restores the default settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod without removing your stored programs, applications or data and in some ways is a very similar process to restarting a PC after it crashes Way 1: Factory reset iPhone 6s with iCloud to bypass password. Without password or iTunes, you can take advantage of iCloud to restore iPhone. But you should know the iPhone iCloud account and its. How to Hard Reset a Locked iPhone with iTunes; Part 3. How to Hard Reset a Locked iPhone without Passcode; Part 1. How to Hard Reset Your iPhone Directly. This is the first method which you can follow to factory reset iPhone without passcode. Using the hardware buttons is one of the easiest ways to factory reset your iPhone. Follow the steps. Method #2 - Use Hard Reset with Buttons. If your iPad is locked up and you want to use the Hard Reset to restore the factory settings, then using the Buttons to hard reset is the best option. All you have to do is to hold the button combination for a few seconds and your iPhone will boot after resetting to the Factory Mode

How to hard reset iPhone 5,5s and 5c - YouTub

How to Hard Reset iPhone iPad without iTunes in Settings. Although iTunes is a power iOS data manager, it always has some unavoidable issues like it runs pretty slowly sometimes, freezes or quits unexpectedly. That's why so many people want a way to reset iPhone iPad without iTunes. Go to Settings on iPhone iPad > Scroll down to General tab. You can reset the iPhone on the the device itself, but if the device is unresponsive, stuck on a boot loop, or otherwise needs to be restored directly, the next choice is to connect the iOS hardware to a computer and use iTunes on a Mac or PC

iPhone 6s and Earlier Models: How to Hard Reset and Enter

Apple has changed the way you perform a soft reset on the X, XS, and 11 series iPhones, and a soft reset (also known as turning your iPhone off) is now completed by holding two buttons Make sure you backup your iPhone XS via iTunes or iCloud. Go to Settings » General » Reset. Select Erase All Content and Settings. If you've iCloud enabled, you'll get a pop-up to Finish Uploading Then Erase, if documents and data aren't uploaded to iCloud Hard reset is just a forced reboot that is usually used in troubleshooting problems on your iPhone such as when it freezes or slows down to such an extent that you cannot interact with anything properly. Please note that if you've used an iPhone before then the method of force rebooting iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has changed Steps to Reset iPhone 8 Effectively. In this way, we will explain how to reset iPhone 8 by using iTunes to remove the user passcode. Here we are: In the first step, you have to connect your iPhone 8 to the Mac or PC that compatible with the iPhone and have synchronized to open the iTunes. After you open the iTunes, then the iTunes will ask you.

Factory reset iphone 6 without itunes or passcode | [100%[SOLVED] iPad Can't Slide to Unlock, Here Is The FixApple iPhone 5: Reset to factory default settings wheniPhone 7 ripristinare senza iTunes? Hard rest LIVE iPhoneCommon 15 iOS 11 Problems You May Meet after Updating toHow To Enter And Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X

Hard Reset for Apple iPhone 7. In our description database there are 3 solutions for performing hard reset for Apple iPhone 7. Choose the first method and follow the steps to perform a hard reset. If the first solution does not work, try the next method. Please remember Method 2: Hard reset using iTunes on your desktop/notebook. As mentioned in method 1, I'd suggest that you perform a hard reset directly on the iPhone itself, but if you're more comfortable working through iTunes on the desktop/notebook, follow the steps below. Connect your iPhone to your desktop/notebook. Launch iTunes Method 1: Restore iPhone X/8/8 Plus without Apple ID and iTunes Using UltFone iOS System Repair. In such a situation, you can reset your device to factory settings by taking advantage of a third-party restore tool, like UltFone iOS System Repair, which offers a deep system repair solution to reset disabled iPhone 8 to factory setting without. If your iPhone is not responding as well as you are thinking of how to hard reset iPhone to the factory setting by erasing all its data and restoring a backup in iClouds and iTunes. You can easily follow the steps below to factory reset your iPhone by carrying out a hard reset. Step 1 - Shut down the iPhone normally so that you can reset it.

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