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  1. The Uffizi Gallery is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Florence and Tuscany and welcomes over a million visitors each year. The Uffizi, together with the Vatican Museums in Rome, are the top two most visited museums in Italy by visitors from all across the world and the long lines at the museum's entrance are almost as famous as its masterpieces
  2. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Florence, Italy. Situated in the Piazza Dell... The Uffizi is a simply spectacular art gallery which houses one of the finest collections in the world including the probably the best collection of Italian Renaissance art and one of the largest coll..
  3. ent art museum located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in the Historic Centre of Florence in the region of Tuscany, Italy. One of the most important Italian museums and the most visited, it is also one of the largest and best known in the world and holds a collection of priceless works, particularly from the period of the Italian Renaissance. After the ruling house of Medici died out, their art collections were gifted to the city of Florence under the famous
  4. The Uffizi Gallery is one of the world's top art museums - it houses some of the most important works of the Renaissance, including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli and Michelangelo. Lots of sculptures too
  5. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy — Google Arts & Culture. The Uffizi was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1560 for Cosimo I de'Medici to house the Granducal Magistratures of Tuscany. Over time, the top..
  6. ent art museum located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in the Historic Centre of Florence in the region of Tuscany, Italy. One of the most important Italian museums, and the most visited, it is also one of the largest and best known in the world, and holds a collection of priceless works, particularly from the period of the Italian Renaissance
  7. Galleria degli Uffizi je světoznámá galerie výtvarného umění v italské Florencii, prototyp renesanční galerie. Je umístěna v Paláci Uffizi, dlouhé budově, rozdělené úzkým dvorem, která spojuje hlavní náměstí (Piazza della Signoria) a Starou radnici (Palazzo Vecchio) s nábřežím řeky Arno. Je to nejnavštěvovanější galerie ve Florencii a fronta u vstupu může zabrat i několik hodin

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One of the world's finest and oldest art galleries, the Uffizi in Florence, Italy, has housed the world's masterpieces since the time of Leonardo. Established in 1581, it was designed by Vasari, architect and author of Lives of the Artists.The same loving detail that went into that masterpiece of art writing went into the curation of the museum, and has continued to do so ever since An Online Gallery to buy urbanart, streetart, graffiti art, original canvases or limited edition prints. Signed and authenticated artworks. Lots of colour, handfinishing and originality. Collectable Art to Invest in for the Future The Uffizi Gallery, in Italian: Galleria degli Uffizi, is a building and museum of Florence that contains one of the oldest and most famous collections of art in the world. Nowadays with 50 rooms, houses paintings ranging from the 13th century to the 18th century Uffizi Gallery, art museum in Florence that has the world's finest collection of Italian Renaissance painting, particularly of the Florentine school. It also has antiques, sculpture, and more than 100,000 drawings and prints. In 1559 the grand duke of Tuscany, Cosimo I de' Medici, engaged th

Sitting on the banks of the Arno in Florence, the Uffizi galleries house one of the best collections of Renaissance art anywhere in the world. Uffizi means 'offices', and the building was made in 1560 as offices for the Magistrates of Cosimo I de' Medici, head of the city's most powerful family Galerie Uffizi představuje sbírku děl nejvyšší kvality, kterou shromaždili přislušníci rodu Medici a jejich pokračovatelé v lotrinsko-habsburské linii. Původní medicejská sbírka byla roku 1737 odkázána městu Florencie poslední členkou rodu Annou Marií Ludovicou s podmínkou, že díla nikdy nesmějí město opustit Virtual Uffizi Gallery. 52K likes. This page is not the Official Uffizi Gallery, it's dedicated to sharing our passion and knowledge about the art, architecture and history of Florence Gallerie degli Uffizi. 8.3K likes. Le Gallerie degli Uffizi sono un complesso museale fiorentino costituito dagli Uffizi, il Corridoio Vasariano, Palazzo Pitti e il Giardino di Boboli uffizi.tickets-florence.itis not the official website of the Uffizi Gallery. uffizi.tickets-florence.it is run by Headout and works with attractions and tour operators to provide incredible experiences at the tap of a button

The Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi in Italian) is the most famous museum in Florence, and one of the most famous and important museums in the world.. In 2018 - with 2.235.328 visitors - was the most visited museum in Italy.. Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus. Photo by Context Travel (cc by-nc-sa 2.0 The Uffizi Gallery (Italian: Galleria degli Uffizi), is one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world. It is housed in the Palazzo degli Uffizi which means the Palace of Offices in Florence, Italy The museum and its history. In 1560, Cosimo I de' Medici, the Duke of. Have you ever visited a museum, stared at a famous painting, but really didn't know what the painting was about? Well, in this video about the Uffizi Gallery.. Take a virtual tour inside the Uffizi Gallery enjoy all the masterpieces! Discover the Gallery with Virtual Uffizi The Uffizi Gallery, or Galleria degli Uffizi, of Florence, is among the most visited museums in Italy, second only to the Vatican Museums of Rome, and one of the best-known museums in the world.The majority of the works displayed here are Renaissance masterpieces, but there are also classical sculptures and prints and drawings

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  1. How To Get To The Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi is located between the Arno River and the Palazzo Vecchio. It is also right next to the Piazza della Signoria. To get to the gallery, you can take a cab from your hotel or you can take the shuttle bus to the station near the museum, which is the Santa Maria Novella Station
  2. utes Language: English Meeting Point: you will find the meeting point on your confirmation voucher. Price: From Nov. 1st to Feb. 28th- 64,00 euro per person From March 1st to Oct. 31st - 72,00 euro per person. Children 6-17: 52,00 euro
  3. The Uffizi Gallery boasts 93 rooms. The visit starts from the second floor (1-45 halls) and carries on to the first floor (46-93). The museum includes some of the most famous paintings of the world - Venus of Urbino by Tiziano, Tondo Doni by Michelangelo, Bacchus by Caravaggio - and the building itself is a work of art. Probably the most famous of all are rooms 10-14, completely renovated.
  4. FIRENZE - La Galleria degli Uffizi filmata con Sony RX10M3 in 4K. La Galleria degli Uffizi è un complesso museale a Firenze comprendente la Galleria delle St..
  5. The Uffizi Gallery is considered the most important Italian museum and one of the most beautiful art collections in the world. It is home to masterpieces by some of the greatest artists of all time, including Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, among others
  6. The Uffizi Gallery (Italian: Galleria degli Uffizi or simply Gli Uffizi) is an art museum in Florence, Tuscany, world-renowned for its collections of old masters' works of art. With over 2 million visitors a year, the Uffizi Gallery is the most visited state-owned fine art museum in Italy (1)
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The Uffizi Gallery is located in a building that once housed the Medici family Uffizi, or in English offices. The Medici family were extremely wealthy renaissance bankers and were in control of the city of Florence from 1434-1737 The Uffizi Gallery is one of Italy's most remarkable museums, and is to be found in Florence's historic centre, just off of Piazza Signoria. Uffizi Gallery Highlights, Florence, Italy GIOTTO, Madonna Enthroned with Child and Angels, or Madonna Ognissanti (1310 Uffizi Gallery 1.1.0 download - Locate, listen, explore and enjoy the artworks of the Uffizi Gallery. Forget traditional audio guides. All you need i Protože o Ponte Vecchio (a nejen o něm, ale i o většině ostatních florentských architektonických skvostech) nezazní ve filmu ani jedna věta. Chápu, že se tvůrci chtěli zaměřit zejména na Uffizi, ale ani tahle část není obsahově zrovna moc nabitá Summer nights at the Uffizi. 28 February 2018. From June 5, 2018 to August 7, 2018 and from August 21, 2018 to September 25, 2018 the Uffizi Gallery will be extraordinarily open every Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.(last booked entrance at 8:00 pm.) The last entrance without a booking will be at 9:05 pm. To purchase and book tickets,click her

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Media in category Ancient Roman busts in the Uffizi Gallery The following 121 files are in this category, out of 121 total. 006 Arte romana, Busto con testa del cosiddetto Nerone bambino, 1-100 ca. 02.JPG 1,344 × 2,076; 1.86 M English: The Uffizi Gallery, one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world, is housed in the Palazzo degli Uffizi, a palazzo in Florence, Italy. Français : Le musée des Offices est un musée d'art hébergé par la Galerie des Offices, anciens bureaux des grands-ducs de toscane

569.8k Followers, 310 Following, 1,705 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Gallerie degli Uffizi (@uffizigalleries The Uffizi is a simply spectacular art gallery which houses one of the finest collections in the world including the probably the best collection of Italian Renaissance art and one of the largest coll.. Uffizi Gallery - photo @dalibro on pixabay Numbers of the Uffizi Gallery- a brief introduction. The Uffizi gallery boasts 93 rooms. The visit starts from the second floor (1-45 halls) - and carries on to the first floor (46-93) It sees around 2 million visitors each year, and it is easily the most visited museum in Italy Uffizi Gallery 1.1.8 download - Locate, listen, explore and enjoy the artworks of the Uffizi Gallery. Forget traditional audio guides. All you need i Florence's Uffizi Gallery boasts more than 50 rooms filled with Renaissance masterpieces, so seeing the best of the gallery can be a daunting task. Make sure you tick off all of the artistic highlights on a guided tour that provides little-known details integral to understanding world-renowned works by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci

It was originally intended to act as administrative office complex, and retains the name Uffizi (Italian for offices). The Uffizi was commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici, the Duke of Florence (ruled 1537-1569 CE). Currently known as the Uffizi Gallery (Le Galleria degli Uffizi), it has served as a gallery and art museum since 1865 CE Tours of the Uffizi Gallery: Visitors on a Skip the Line: Florence Uffizi Gallery Tour can bypass the long lines to see all the highlights and learn about the artists and their works with an art-expert guide. The 1.5-hour walking tour is available afternoons year-round, mornings, and evenings in the summer The Uffizi Gallery is right to the Piazza della Signoria, which can be reached in 10 minutes by foot from Florence's main train station, the Santa Maria Novella. Additional information **Flash photography is not permitted. | It is a good idea to combine your visit of the Uffizi Gallery with a general tour of the beautiful city of Florence. Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi Gallery is a prominent art museum located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in the Historic Centre of Florence in the region of Tuscany, Italy Uffizi Gallery Skip the Line Tickets - Have the advantage of bypassing two lines. Please note, you still need to queue to collect your ticket at another gate. Uffizi gallery does not accept third-party printouts. Mobile voucher - Don't worry about printing out your ticket, you can show your voucher from your phone

Dear customer, Thank you for your review of our guide and her work inside the Uffizi Gallery. Regarding our meeting point, we just wanted to remind you that the construction sites that are in front of our office are part of the extraordinary restoration works of the Uffizi Gallery, unfortunately we can't do anything special to move the construction site, being so close to the gallery there can. The Uffizi Gallery with its collections of works of art, masterpieces by artists and protagonists of the Renaissance such as Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci and many others. And the Galleria dell'Accademia, the second most visited museum in Florence to discover Michelangelo's David, one of the most famous. The Uffizi Gallery houses one of the most impressive art collections in the world. It also features Greek and Roman statues and drawings. The various halls of the museum are in chronological order and the structure of the museum makes it very easy to explore without getting lost Uffizi Uffizi bilety Zarezerwuj i kup bilety Galeria Uffizi The ticket is valid all day until closing time of the Gallery starting from entrance time. The entrance time written on the tickets may be subject to small changes depending on the actual availability of the Gallery One of the world's great art galleries and museums, the Uffizi Gallery was begun for Cosimo I de Medici in 1560. The 'U' shaped structure was once the offices - uffizi - of the Medici administration. Each generation of Medici added to the family's extraordinary personal art collection, which was then housed in the Uffizi

The Uffizi Gallery is a labyrinth in which one can gladly get lost to enjoy all of the treasures within. The history held within the palazzo and in each painting and statue is just one aspect that makes Florence one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world so the museum is must-see on your itinerary

Uffizi Gallery Address: Piazzale degli Uffizi, 50129 Firenze, Italy, Florence Uffizi Gallery Contact Number: +39-559757007 Uffizi Gallery Timing: 08:15 am - 06:50 p The Collections of the Uffizi Gallery The 2nd floor The Eastern corridor of the Uffizi Gallery. Entering in the Uffizi Gallery you have to go upstairs to reach the top floor, where the tickets are checked for the last time. The top floor is a U-shaped corridor with windows on one side and rooms on the other side Though the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is tiny compared to the Louvre or Metropolitan Museum of Art, it's so jam packed with treasures that it is a top destination for tourists in Florence. Works in the collection include pieces by Botticelli, Giotto, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael to name a few Home to the world's greatest collection of Italian Renaissance art, Florence's premier gallery occupies the vast U-shaped Palazzo degli Uffizi (1560-80), built as government offices. The collection, bequeathed to the city by the Medici family in 1743 on condition that it never leave Florence.

Uffizi Gallery is open daily from 08.15 am to 6.50 pm, excluding Mondays, New Year's Day, and Christmas Day. The best time to visit Uffizi Gallery is probably November and February when the gallery is less busy and entrance tickets are almost twice cheaper than during the high season from March through October Uffizi Gallery. What makes Florence the epicentre of art? All of it; but specifically the Uffizi Gallery. Its collections cover the ages, but its darlings will always be Renaissance born. You won't find a better Art History 101 refresher. Hours wilt away inside this U-shaped mansion. The Birth of Venus tops many a best-of list Your smart audioguide The audio guide that wasn't there before. Accessible, multilangual, intuitive is now in your pocket to help you identify and understand the artworks of the Uffizi Gallery Locate, listen, explore and enjoy the artworks Forget traditional audio Read Mor The Accademia Gallery is located at a 15-minute walking distance from the Uffizi Gallery. Where is the Accademia Gallery located? The Accademia Gallery is located at Via Ricasoli, 58/60, 50129 Firenze FI, Italy

The Uffizi Gallery was attacked by a car bomb in 1993. The explosion killed six people and heavily damaged parts of the gallery, though few of its masterworks were harmed. The bombing prompted a decision to rebuild and expand the museum. Over the ensuing decade the Uffizi's gallery space was significantly enlarged The Uffizi Gallery is amazing inside as well as outside! Why You Need to Book Tickets for the Uffizi Gallery. As soon as you approach the Uffizi Gallery, there's one thing you will notice for sure - the queue. You aren't the only one who wants to visit this world-famous art gallery, after all Všechny informace o produktu Kniha Uffizi Gallery, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Uffizi Gallery Jádrem prohlídky je pokladnice umění, galerie Uffizi a pohled na dech beroucí dílo Leonarda da Vinci Adoration of the Magi, které po letech restaurátoských prací uvidí veřejnost naživo až v roce 2016. Dokument Florenci a galerie Uffizi odhalí obraz ve světové premiéře a diváci v kinech budou tedy prvními, kdo ho uvidí High quality Uffizi Gallery gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

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UFFIZI HAIR GALLERY. Battersea. 47 Parkgate Road London, SW11 4NP. 020 7924 3400. WE STRIVE TO DELIVER THE VERY BEST HAIR CARE, COLOUR AND CUTTING SERVICES CLASS, STYLE & FASHION. About Us. Our Prices. Uffizi hair salon has been providing excellence in hair design for 24 years Uffizi Gallery Ideally you'd have a whole day to appreciate the world's foremost collection of Renaissance paintings, housed in the 16th-century headquarters of the Medici court. But for those with less time, highlights include the three great Maestà altarpieces in Room 2,. Uffizi Gallery. The collection of works in the Uffizi Gallery cannot be compared to any other world collection and is probably the only one to have just masterpieces of exceptional value. The Gallery is housed in the building built by Cosimo I of Medici and designed by Vasari in 1560 Uffizi Gallery . History of the Uffizi Gallery. The building that houses the Uffizi Gallery was originally built by Cosimo I de' Medici, known as Cosimo the Great and first Grand Duke of Tuscany as the offices for the judiciary. Uffizi actually translates as offices The Uffizi Gallery (or Galleria degli Uffizi), is one of the oldest and most celebrated art museums in Europe. It is located in the Palazzo degli Uffizi , in Florence, Italy - the home of the European Renaissance

The Uffizi Gallery's opening hours are 8:15AM - 6:50PM from Tuesday to Sunday. The museum is closed on January 1st, May 1st, December 25th, and Mondays. How much time Oct 10, 2017 - I like to say in the Uffizi you can find everything...a total immersion in Art, history and culture .http://www.florencewithguide.com/tours/uffizi. Here are some tips for making the most of your visit the to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence was designed by Giorgio Vasari in the mid-sixteenth century to house the 13 most important Florentine courts, called 'uffici'. Today it houses 90 museum rooms with some of the world's most important and famous paintings

The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most visited places in Italy, with over 1.5 million visitors each year, and among the oldest and most important art museums in Europe. The Uffizi Gallery is located on the top floor of a U-shaped building, designed in 16thcentury by Giorgio Vasari. Originally, the building was intended to accommodate the offices of the Florentine magistrates, hence the name uffizi (meaning offices in archaic Italian) Opening Hours. Uffizi Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:15 AM to 6:50 PM. The closure starts from 6:35 PM. Museum is closed on - Monday It wasn't until 1789 that the public was first allowed access to the gallery. These days, the Uffizi and the Vatican museums in Rome are the two most visited museums in Italy (the Uffizi itself attracts a million people annually). As a result, the Uffizi is currently being modernized by architect Arata Isozaki to increase space and access Cover photo full. Uffizi Gallery. Wikipedia | Google | Google Images | Flickr. Niobe Room at the Uffizi - Uffizi Gallery. Photo by Joseph Maestri The Uffizi, Italy's greatest art gallery, was built in 1560-1580 to house offices (uffici) for Duke Cosimo I.The architect, Vasari, used iron as reinforcement, which enabled his successor, Buontalenti, to create an almost continuous wall of glass. Uffizi Gallery director Eike Schmidt has tested positive for Covid-19, the Met's board gets new leaders, and more global art news

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Uffizi Gallery - Virtual Tour The Uffizi Gallery is located in the historical Centre of Florence and is one of the largest and best-known museums in the world. It holds a collection of priceless works, mainly from the period of the Italian Renaissance. The Gallery had been open to visitors by request since the sixteenth [ The Uffizi Gallery (Italian: Galleria degli Uffizi) is one of the oldest and most famous art museums of the Western world. Building of the palace was begun by Giorgio Vasari in 1560 for Cosimo I de' Medici as the offices for the Florentine magistrates — hence the name uffizi (offices) On this guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery, you'll get to discover the stunning works of art created by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael and many other famous Renaissance artists. Led by a professional local guide, you'll make your way through the gallery's exhibition halls to admire the main masterpieces of each collection Discover our guided walking tours of the Uffizi Gallery on your phone and at your own pace! You decide when and what itineraries to do, besides being offline and without having to worry about the loss of coverage! Forget the maps and spending data or mobile phone battery! With the itineraries that our passionate Tourblinkers, instagrammers, bloggers and local inhabitants have made with images. What is the best art gallery in the world? According to The Times the first-place prize goes to the Uffizi Gallery, Florence's most popular and important museum; built by Giorgio Vasari, Alfonso Parigi and Bernardo Buontalenti between 1560 and 1581, it houses amazing masterpieces and is the most visited Italian museum: only in 2012, it was seen by more than 1.7 million people

Situated in the heart of Florence, Italy, the Uffizi Gallery proudly houses the world's most comprehensive collection of Italian Renaissance Art.With iconic masterpieces like Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, Caravaggio's Bacchus, and Michelangelo's The Holy Family, art lovers from all over the world have flocked to the Florentine museum for centuries Calling all art lovers! Located in the heart of Florence, the Uffizi Gallery is filled with artwork from renown Italian Renaissance artists including Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravaggio and Botticelli. But with over a million visitors every year - during the high season, waiting time to get inside the museum can last as long as five hours Free Uffizi tours from home Visit the gallery virtually. Editorial Staff. April 22, 2020 - 13:50 share. Following its social media response to Covid-19, the Uffizi has today launched a full-immersion virtual tour of the gallery's most prestigious areas UFFIZI TICKETS RESERVATION - PRICES & INFO. Skip the line tickets to Uffizi Gallery By booking in advance the entrance ticket to the Uffizi Museum, you will be able to visit the museum without waiting in line. Booking Procedure: select the date and the time you want to visit the Uffizi Gallery using the reservation form and add to cart. Complete the order and pay your tickets

How to say Uffizi in English? Pronunciation of Uffizi with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning, 10 translations, 1 sentence and more for Uffizi The fingerprints of the architect Vasari are all over the city of Florence. Along with the famous corridor above Ponte Vecchio, Vasari also designed the citys most impressive museum, the Uffizi gallery, or Galleria degli Uffizi.Constructed at the behest of Cosimo I de Medici in the 16th century to house the offices for Florentine magistrates, the museum is now home to the largest collection. Uffizi Gallery. Jump to bottom. Posted by Donna (Bowie, Maryland, USA) on 03/23/09 12:49 AM. Has anyone stood in line for the Uffizi gallery. How long is the wait I keep hearing 3 hrs. Geez is this true. Any suggestion. Posted by Melissa. Boston, MA, United States. 03/23/09 01:00 PM. 83 posts

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Uffizi Gallery opening hours. Mondays: Closed. Tuesday - Sunday: 08:15 - 18:50. (the ticket office closes at 18:05 and the museum starts closing at 18:35). Closed on the following holidays: 1 January, 1 May, and 25 December. The best way to see the Uffizi Gallery Entitled to free admission are: All visitors under 18 years old. Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult; Groups and parties of students from state and private schools in Italy and the European Union, accompanied by their teachers, subject to booking and in the number established by the head of the institution;. Teachers and students enrolled in the faculties of architecture. The most-visited art museum in Italy, Florence's Uffizi Gallery is home to some of the most famous masterpieces from the Italian Renaissance, among them, Botticelli's iconic Birth of Venus painting. Formerly the private collection of Francesco de'Medici, it deserves a sliver of your Italy budget and a spot on your Florence itinerary.. That said, the line can be long, the temperatures.

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The Uffizi Gallery, a museum of Renaissance-era art in Florence, Italy, is using TikTok to bring its statues and paintings to life. This year, 90 percent of the world's 85,000 museums temporarily closed their doors due to coronavirus-related public health regulations, according to a May report from UNESCO and the International Council of Museums. One in 8 of museums that closed may never. The Uffizi Gallery Tours Discover the Birth of Venus for Yourself. The Renaissance and Florence are so entwined that one couldn't exist on its own. Nowhere else is this flowering more evident than the Uffizi Gallery, a temple tracing the evolution of the period's artistic geniuses to their pinnacle The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world. First commissioned as offices for the Florentine magistrates by Cosimo de Medici, it is now houses some of the world's most outstanding works of art. This superb volume offers a comprehensive, detailed, and informative look at the entire exhibited.

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Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy Showing 29 of 812 results found Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy Most Popular By Name: A to Z By Name: Z to A Relevance Show Filter Uffizi Gallery Restoration and Maintenance Donations Organization. Our Mission. The Friends of the Uffizi was established in 2006 as the United States sister organization to the Amici degli Uffizi, in Florence, Italy Uffizi Gallery Tickets. If you travel to Florence, you should definitely visit the Uffizi Gallery, where you can admire masterpieces by Giotto, Cimabue, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and many other artists. Make your reservation online using our website! You can buy either Uffizi Gallery tickets or a Gallery tour via our website The Friends of the Uffizi Gallery was established in 2006 in Palm Beach, Florida as the United States sister organization to the Amici degli Uffizi in Florence, Italy, which was founded by a group of concerned citizens in response to the terrorist bombing of the Uffizi Gallery in May 1993 that damaged several artworks and portions of the museum. The Friends of the Uffizi Gallery and the.

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FLORENCE MUSEUMS SPECIAL Afternoon - Skip The Line ACCADEMIA Gallery + UFFIZI Gallery MASTERCLASS. Enjoy this single opportunity to visit the main Florence museums at a glance: meet the authentic David by Michelangelo, discover masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery, and learn about the history and secrets of the Vasari Corridor The Uffizi Gallery (UK: / juː ˈ f ɪ t s i, ʊ ˈ f iː t s i /; Italian: Galleria degli Uffizi, pronounced [ɡalleˈriːa deʎʎ ufˈfittsi]) is a prominent art museum located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in the Historic Centre of Florence in the region of Tuscany, Italy.One of the most important Italian museums and the most visited, it is also one of the largest and best known in. Uffizi Gallery is one of the most important museum in the world. Visiting it you can feel the real Renaissance touch. The Uffizi Gallery boasts exceptional collections of paintings and ancient sculptures.Among the paintings dating back to the 14 th century and Renaissance period, plenty of masterpieces such as by Giotto, Simone Martini, Piero della Francesca, Beato Angelico, Filippo Lippi. GALLERIA DEGLI UFFIZI. The Galleria degli Uffizi, one of the world's leading museums, dates back to 1560, when Cosimo I de' Medici commissioned.

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Tento soubor podléhá licenci Creative Commons Uveďte autora 2.0 Generic: Dílo smíte: šířit - kopírovat, distribuovat a sdělovat veřejnosti; upravovat - pozměňovat, doplňovat, využívat celé nebo částečně v jiných dílech; Za těchto podmínek: uveďte autora - Máte povinnost uvést autorství, poskytnout odkaz na licenci a uvést, pokud jste provedli změny Uffizi Gallery a government-supported art gallery in Florence. The Uffizi Gallery occupies a building erected to house government offices (1560-85, architects G. Vasari and B. Buontalenti). Originally consisting of collections of the Medici family, the gallery was founded circa 1575. At first displays of natural science and other items were also.

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