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  1. Laparoscopy versus laparotomy. Multiple studies have shown that laparoscopy is safer, less expensive, and has a shorter recovery time than laparotomy - a procedure that is performed by making an incision several inches long along the bikini line or in an up and down alignment to open the abdomen
  2. ation of the loins or abdomen, now specifically exa
  3. Operative laparoscopy continues to increase in popularity due to the wide range of benefits the procedure offers when compared to laparotomy. Originally designed to help diagnose conditions and treat tubal ligations, laparoscopy is now routinely used to treat an extensive collection of gynecologic issues
  4. Laparotomie vs.Laparoskopie Laparoskopie a laparotomie jsou dva přístupy k břišní chirurgii. Laparotomie je starší z nich a laparoskopie je velmi nedávný vývoj. Obě podmínky mají své výhody i nevýhody. Je na chirurgovi, aby si vybral mezi dvěma přístupy
  5. Laparotomie je pojem označující chirurgické otevření dutiny břišní.. Podle vedení řezu se rozližuje několik druhů laparotomie: horní střední laparotomie - svislý řez je veden ve střední čáře nad pupkem, z řezu je přístupný žaludek, dvanáctník a žlučové cesty; dolní střední laparotomie - svislý řez je veden ve střední čáře pod pupkem, z řezu jsou.

The review contains nine RCTs comparing laparoscopy with laparotomy for the surgical management of early stage endometrial cancer. All nine studies met the inclusion criteria and assessed 4389 women at the end of the studies. Six studies assessing 3993 participants with early stage endometrial cancer found no significant difference in the risk. Laparotomy vs Laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is a surgical technique in which a lighted viewing instrument (laparoscope) is inserted into the lower abdomen through a small incision, usually made below your belly button. The abdomen is inflated with gas injected through a needle, which pushes the wall of the abdomen away from the organs so the doctor. Overview of healing process and comparison between laparotomy and laparoscopy for my Honors Physiology project

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  1. The cases were divided into the ones solved by laparoscopy, corresponding to group 1 (102 cases) and 67 cases solved by laparotomy, corresponding to group 2. Results: Group 1 (laparoscopic approach) consisted of 102 patients (60.3%), and group 2 (laparotomy approach) had 67 patients (39.7%). Surgical bleeding: 55.7 +/- 21.4 mL vs. 91.6 +/- 29.2.
  2. imally invasive surgery usually performed in an outpatient setting. Laparoscopy uses an instrument named a laparoscope to exa
  3. Laparoscopy vs. Laparotomy. Laparotomy — Traditional Surgery. A laparotomy incision is usually 6 to 14 inches long. A midline incision is usually made between the umbilicus (belly button) and the pubic bone. Sometimes the incision is extended around and above the umbilicus. A 'bikini' laparotomy incision may be of varying lengths, from a.
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  5. 6. SUMMITT RL, STOVALL TG, LIPSCOMB GH, LING F W. Randomized comparison of laparoscopy- assisted vaginal hysterectomy with standard vaginal hysterectomy in an outpatient setting. Obstet Gynecol 80:895-901. 1992. 7. REICH H, DECAPRIO J, MCGLYNN F. Laparoscopic hysterectomy. J Gynecol Surg 5:213-6.1989. 8

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When a woman receives the news that gynecological surgery to remove cysts on ovary needs to be scheduled, she may be given a choice between having the less invasive procedure... a laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy, and the more conventional surgery... a laparotomy The laparoscopy cohort also has significant shorter first flatus time (2.0 days vs. 2.4 days, P < 0.01) and postoperative hospital stay (14.7 days vs. 17.7 days, P = 0.02) than laparotomy which meant that patients received laparoscopic surgery had more rapid recovery than that received laparotomy Laparoscopy vs laparotomy in treatment of ectopic pregnancies. El-Tabbakh reported the results of a trial in Kuwait from March 1999, to October 2001, involving 207 patients to compare laparoscopy vs laparotomy for surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy [4]. One hundred eighty-four were treated by laparoscopy and 23 by laparotomy of the 207.

The laparotomy group required significantly longer hospitalization than the laparoscopy group (6.3 vs 2.4 days, p < 0.001), resulting in higher overall hospital costs ($19,158 vs $13,988, p < 0.05) Laparoscopy had fewer moderate to severe postoperative adverse events than laparotomy (14% in laparoscopy group vs 21% in laparotomy group; P < 0.0001) but similar rates of intraoperative complications, despite having a significantly longer operative time (median: 204 min in laparoscopy group vs 130 min in laparotomy group; P < 0.001) Laparotomie vs Laparoskopie. Laparoskopie a laparotomie jsou dva přístupy k břišní chirurgii. Laparotomie je starší ze dvou a laparoskopie je velmi nedávný vývoj. Obě podmínky mají své výhody i nevýhody. Je na rozhodnutí chirurga vybrat si mezi dvěma přístupy. Tento článek bude podrobně rozebírat oba přístupy s.

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  1. for the laparoscopy group vs. 88
  2. se to identify a cohort of patients diagnosed with stage IIIC and IV epithelial ovarian cancer between 2010 and 2012 who underwent neoadjuvant chemotherapy and interval debulking surgery. We compared 3-year overall survival, duration of postoperative hospitalization, 90-day postoperative mortality, and residual disease status between women who underwent interval debulking by laparoscopy and by.
  3. laparotomy vs laparoscopy AnneUK37. My gynaecologist suggests a laparotomy and oophorectomy to remove a 4.6cm lesion containing solid and cystic components. She will also perform hysteroscopy and cystoscopy to check for source of blood in urine. I also have a retroverted uterus. When my gynaecologist explained why to do the laparotomy rather.

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See one of my previous posts: After the surgery, I kept googling online. There are many clinic papers on comparison between laparoscopy and laparotomy. (search on Google by the keywords: comparison between laparosocpy laparotomy ovarian cyst) Disadvantages of laparosocpy: (1) Higher possibility of intraoperative rupture of a dermoid cyst. (2) Recurrence may be more frequent after cystectomy. Laparoscopy is the only diagnostic procedure other than formal laparotomy that allows direct visualization of the appendix. The entire appendix must be seen before the operator can conclude it is normal (free of disease) feasibility of laparoscopy in obese patients and those with previous abdominal operation depend on the surgeon experience. A laparotomy and a laparoscopy are two tests that doctors may use to diagnose malignant mesothelioma. A laparoscopy is when a small tube with a camera is put into the stomach area to collect a tissue sample for testing. A laparotomy is a surgery in which a doctor opens the stomach area to look for signs of cancer Laparotomi vs. Laparoskopi Laparoskopi dan laparotomi adalah dua pendekatan terhadap operasi perut. Laparotomi adalah yang lebih tua dari keduanya dan laparoskopi adalah perkembangan yang sangat baru. Kedua kondisi tersebut memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan. Keputusan dokter bedah untuk memilih di antara kedua pendekatan tersebut Laparoscopy vs Laparotomy - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. radical hysterectomy for cervical c

Laparoscopy vs. laparotomy for advanced ovarian cancer: a systematic review of the literature. Salvatore GUELI ALLETTI 1 , Vito A. CAPOZZI 1, 2, Andrea ROSATI 1, 2, Ilaria DE BLASIS 1, Stefano CIANCI 1, Giuseppe VIZZIELLI 1, Stefano UCCELLA 3, Valerio GALLOTTA 1, Francesco FANFANI 1, 2, Anna FAGOTTI 1, 2, Giovanni SCAMBIA 1, Laparotomi vs. Laparoskopi Laparoskopi og laparotomi er to tilnærminger til abdominal kirurgi. Laparotomi er den eldre av de to og laparoskopi er en svært ny utvikling. Begge forholdene har sine fordeler og ulemper. Det er kirurgens beslutning å velge mellom de to tilnærmingene Both laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery are the common surgical methods for the clinical treatment of acute ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Laparotomy operation is simple, can clearly reveal operation field, and is currently the most widely used way of ectopic pregnancy emergency surgery,.Laparoscopic surgery is the operation method rising in recent years, the endoscopic equipment enables.

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Laparoscopie versus laparotomie pour le traitement du cancer endométrial présumé au stade précoce Contexte Dans le monde, le cancer de l'utérus ou cancer de l'endomètre est le cinquième cancer le plus fréquent chez les femmes de moins de 65 ans et son incidence est plus élevée dans les pays à revenu élevé que dans les pays à. Laparotomie vs Laparoskopie. Laparoskopie und Laparotomie sind zwei Ansätze für die Bauchchirurgie. Die Laparotomie ist die ältere der beiden und die Laparoskopie ist eine sehr junge Entwicklung. Beide Bedingungen haben ihre Vor- und Nachteile. Es ist die Entscheidung des Chirurgen, zwischen den beiden Ansätzen zu wählen Endoscopy vs Laparoscopy. Endoscopy and laparoscopy are procedures performed to diagnose certain diseases. Both procedures are minimally invasive as they use equipment to visualize internal areas of the body which cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is the decision of the physician to prescribe such procedures

Laparotomie vs. Laparoscopie Laparoscopie en laparotomie zijn twee benaderingen bij de buikoperatie. Laparotomie is de oudere van de twee en laparoscopie is een zeer recente ontwikkeling. Beide voorwaarden hebben hun voor- en nadelen. Het is de beslissing van de chirurg om tussen de twee benaderingen te kiezen Laparoscopy is a type of surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to access the inside of the abdomen (tummy) and pelvis without having to make large incisions in the skin. This procedure is also known as keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery

Laparotomie vs Laparoscopie. Laparoscopia și laparotomia sunt două abordări ale chirurgiei abdominale. Laparotomia este cea mai veche dintre cele două, iar laparoscopia este o dezvoltare foarte recentă. Ambele condiții au avantajele și dezavantajele lor. Este decizia chirurgului să aleagă între cele două abordări Laparotomy vs. Laparoscopic in Endometrial Cancer. a couple of years ago / cancer integrative therapy / By David Emerson Laparoscopic approach for endometrial cancer offers similar results in terms of survival and oncological radicality as the laparotomic approach and a lower rate of complications, a quicker convalescence time and a shorter. Laparotomy vs. Laparoscopy - Tube Removal. Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by Blue12, Oct 23, 2009. Blue12 icsi miracle xo. Joined: Jul 7, 2009 Messages: 9,938 Likes Received: 0. Hi Ladies

A laparotomy, by contrast, is performed at any time and requires a larger incision because the fallopian tubes are less accessible. The third option, laparoscopy, is a sophisticated surgical procedure in which a fiber-optic device is inserted through the abdominal wall through a keyhole incision

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  1. al cavity, even the ovaries, and exterior parts of the uterus and tubes by utilizing a laparoscopy procedure. 3.It is in all probability that prior to endoscopy, the physician will talk about the way the procedure is being performed to the patient, whether alternative measures can as.
  2. Importance Incisional hernia is the most frequent surgical complication after laparotomy.Up to 30% of all patients undergoing laparotomy develop an incisional hernia. Objective To compare laparoscopic vs open ventral incisional hernia repair with regard to postoperative pain and nausea, operative results, perioperative and postoperative complications, hospital admission, and recurrence rate
  3. Importance: Incisional hernia is the most frequent surgical complication after laparotomy. Up to 30% of all patients undergoing laparotomy develop an incisional hernia. Objective: To compare laparoscopic vs open ventral incisional hernia repair with regard to postoperative pain and nausea, operative results, perioperative and postoperative complications, hospital admission, and recurrence rate
  4. imally invasive surgery (MIS.

Laparotomy uses one large incision to open the abdomen. A surgeon may perform a laparotomy to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the internal organs Increased tumor establishment and growth after laparotomy vs laparoscopy in a murine model. Allendorf JD, Bessler M, Kayton ML, Oesterling SD, Treat MR, Nowygrod R, Whelan RL. Arch Surg, (6):649-653 Cited by: undefined articles MED: 776317 Laparoskopie versus laparotomie u novotvarů ovaria. Publication details. Laparoskopie versus laparotomie u novotvarů ovaria. Title in English: Laparoscopy vs. laparotomy by ovarian cancer: Authors: BLÁHA O. MALÝ Z. Year of publication: 1999: Type: Article in Periodical. 749 women underwent laparoscopy | 3,670 women underwent laparotomy 740 pairs matched pairs were created The laparoscopic group vs laparotomy group demonstrated improved outcomes for the following (all P<.001

Bei einer operativen Laparoskopie werden über weitere Hautschnitte zusätzliche Instrumente eingebracht, mit deren Hilfe die Operation durchgeführt werden kann. Laparoskopie versus Lapartomie. Die wichtigsten Vorteile der Laparoskopie gegenüber der offenen Bauchchirurgie (Laparotomie) sind: Kleine Hautschnitte; Schnellere Genesung und Entlassun A laparoscopy should not be confused with a laparotomy. A laparotomy is an operation that involves a large (10-15 cm) cut in the abdomen (rather than the small cuts of a laparoscopy). Nowadays, it is used only rarely to treat women with severe endometriosis who cannot be treated with a laparoscopy

The proportion of patients with a primary shunt was significantly lower in the laparoscopic group compared to the laparotomy group (82.0% vs 88.2%, P < 0.0001). Conversely, there was a significantly higher proportion of patients with prior abdominal surgery in the laparoscopic group compared to the laparotomy group (38.5% vs 29.3%, P = A laparotomy is a surgical procedure in which a large incision is made in the abdomen in order to view and address issues within the abdomen and pelvis. Laparotomies are infrequently used at this time. Instead, most surgeons and providers will opt for laparoscopic surgery, if possible.In relation to endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery involves making a small incision in the abdomen and using.

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An exploratory laparotomy, also known as a celiotomy or ex lap, is a type of major surgery that involves opening the abdomen with a large incision in order to visualize the entire abdominal cavity. Your abdominal cavity contains a variety of organs and tissues, including the intestines, appendix, stomach, ovaries, and kidneys, to name a few Laparotomy vs Laparoscopy. Laparoscopia e laparotomia são duas abordagens para cirurgia abdominal. A laparotomia é a mais velha das duas e a laparoscopia é um desenvolvimento muito recente. Ambas as condições têm suas vantagens e desvantagens. É decisão do cirurgião escolher entre as duas abordagens Purpose To compare the relative merits among robotic surgery, laparoscopy, and laparotomy for patients with endometrial cancer by conducting a meta-analysis. Methods The MEDLINE, Embase, PubMed, Web of Science, and Cochrane Library databases were searched. Studies clearly documenting a comparison between robotic surgery and laparoscopy or between robotic surgery and laparotomy for endometrial. 2 Methode. Bei der Laparoskopie wird nach Lokalanästhesie über einen kleinen Hautschnitt ein Trokar durch die Bauchdecke geführt. Durch diesen Trokar wird ein Spezialendoskop in den Bauchraum geführt.Es enthält eine Videokamera und eine Lichtquelle, mit welcher der Bauchraum und die Bauchorgane betrachtet werden können. Die störungsfreie Betrachtung wird meist durch das Einblasen von. Laparoskopie se nejčastěji provádí při : akutních a chronických bolestech břicha a malé pánve podezření na poranění orgánů malé pánve a břich

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Gueli Alletti S, Capozzi VA, Rosati A, et al. Laparoscopy vs. laparotomy for advanced ovarian cancer: a systematic review of the literature. Minerva Med 2019;110:341-57. Uccella S, Nero C, Vizza E, et al. Sentinel-node biopsy in early-stage ovarian cancer: preliminary results of a prospective multicentre study (SELLY) Specific recommendations and guidelines to assist physicians in the diagnostic work-up and treatment of surgical problems in pregnant patients, focusing on the use of laparoscopy. Surgical interventions during pregnancy should minimize fetal risk without comprising the safety of the mother

Background . The safety and effectiveness of robotic surgery are evaluated by comparing perioperative outcomes with laparoscopy and laparotomy in endometrial cancer. Method . PubMed, MEDLINE, Embase, Cochrane, and other databases were searched for eligible studies up to April 2019. Studies that compared robotic surgery with laparoscopy or laparotomy in surgical staging of endometrial cancer. rehensive surgical staging from January 2002 to January 2014 were evaluated. The long-term survival of patients with early ovarian cancer was compared. Forty-two patients were treated by laparoscopy, and 50 were treated by laparotomy. The median operative time was 200 minutes in the laparoscopy group and 240 minutes in the laparotomy group (P >0.05). The median length of hospital stay was 3. Synopsis: LAP2 was a randomized, Phase 3 trial to evaluate and compare the modality of surgical staging (laparoscopy vs laparotomy) in endometrial cancer. The primary endpoint was assessing non-inferiority of laparoscopy relative to laparotomy on recurrence-free survival. Although the estimated recurrence rates and 5-year overall survival were. The filmy and dense type adhesion rate was significantly different between the laparoscopy group and the laparotomy group (6.25% vs 53.3%, and 0% vs 20%, respectively). Conclusions The present results suggest that laparoscopy is a better choice than laparotomy for ovarian cyst during pregnancy, with less blood loss, less postoperative pain and. By Robert L. Coleman, MD, Professor, University of Texas; M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, is Associate Editor for OB/GYN Clinical Alert.. Dr. Coleman reports no financial relationships relevant to this field of study. Synopsis: LAP2 was a randomized, Phase 3 trial to evaluate and compare the modality of surgical staging (laparoscopy vs laparotomy) in endometrial cancer

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and 15 patients in the laparotomy group underwent cesarean section. The filmy and dense type adhesion rate was significantly different between the laparoscopy group and the laparotomy group (6.25% vs 53.3%, and 0% vs 20%, respectively). Conclusions: The present results suggest that laparoscopy is a better choice than laparotomy for ovarian cys Surgical intervention-related trauma contributes largely to the development of postoperative immunosuppression, with reduced resistance to secondary bacterial infection. This study compared the impact of laparotomy versus laparoscopy on macrophage-associated bactericidal ability and examined whether laparotomy renders the host more susceptible to microbial infection. BALB/c mice were. Ovarian Cancer Support Group. Ovarian cancer is a malignant ovarian neoplasm (an abnormal growth located on the ovaries). It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women and the exact cause is unknown Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Wright on laparoscopy and laparotomy: It is always reasonable to start with a laparoscopy, but information can be gathered pre-operatively to decide if the ovary is more likely to be benign and removable with laparoscopy or malignant and needing laparotomy. Favorable signs include a. Open Surgery Versus Laparoscopy; Open Surgery Versus Laparoscopy. A hernia is a hole through the muscle layers in the abdominal wall. Therefore, surgery can be performed from either the abdominal side, as in the laparoscopic approach, or through the skin, as in a traditional, open approach

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Exploratory laparotomy is the traditional therapeutic approach in patients with abdominal trauma. However, due to potential associated morbidity and mortality, avoiding unnecessary laparotomies is an important issue. While selective nonoperative management has shown good results, certain clinical situations in hemodynamically stable patients, where the need for surgery could be in doubt, call. Laparotomy vs Laparoscopic for initial surgery? phoenix23. Posts: 19 Joined: May 2012 May 27, 2012 - 12:48 pm. Hello, I've been scheduled for surgery with my Gyno/Oncologist. I was wondering what all of your thoughts are having been through this, which surgery is 'best' for the first time? The recovery time from laparoscopy is a HUGE plus. Endometrial cancer is the third most common neoplasia in women in developed countries. 1 In approximately 80% of patients, it is diagnosed at an early stage,1, 2 and surgery is the treatment of choice. The standard treatment of endometrial cancer is peritoneal washing and total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. 1 Pelvic, with or without paraaortic, lymphadenectomy is also. A Comparison Of Laparotomy And Laparoscopy As A Modality Of Management For Ectopic Pregnancy,IJSR - International Journal of Scientific Research(IJSR), IJSR is a double reviewed monthly print journal that accepts research works. 36572+ Manuscript submission, 9855+ Research Paper Published, 100+ Articles from over 100 Countrie Laparotomy/Laparoscopy. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. lindor44. Key Concepts: Terms in this set (14) Laparotomy. Incision into the abdominal cavity for surgical procedure (operative procedure) -Large incision through abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity

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A comparative study of 3 surgical methods for hysterectomy with staging for endometrial cancer: robotic assistance, laparoscopy, laparotomy. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2008 Oct;199(4):360.e1-9. Bell MC, Torgerson J, Seshadri-Kreaden U, Suttle AW, Hunt S. Comparison of outcomes and cost for endometrial cancer staging via traditional laparotomy. Laparotomy vs. Drainage for Infants With Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEST) The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government

Laparoscopy and laparoscopic surgery are usually done whilst you are asleep under general anaesthesia. The skin over the tummy is cleaned. The surgeon or gynaecologist then makes a small cut about 1-2 cm long near to the belly button. Some gas is injected through the cut to 'blow out' the abdominal wall slightly Laparotomy vs Laparoscopy. Laparoscopy og laparotomy eru tvær aðferðir við kviðarholsaðgerðir. Rannsóknaraðgerð er eldri af þessum tveimur og aðgerð er mjög nýleg þróun. Báðar aðstæður hafa sína kosti og galla. Það er ákvörðun skurðlæknisins að velja á milli þessara tveggja aðferða. Í þessari grein verður.

Treatment for Malignant Ovarian Cancer: Laparoscopy vs Laparotomy The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government In a study comparing laparotomy with laparoscopy in 9619 patients with small-bowel obstruction requiring adhesiolysis, Kelly et al found that at 30 days, the patients in the laparoscopic adhesiolysis group had lower rates of major complications and incisional complications than those in the open group, as well as reduced mortality (1.3% vs 4.7%) The high conversion rate from laparoscopy to laparotomy (25.8% in LAP2 vs only 6% in this trial) can be explained by the requirement of aortic node dissection in LAP2. 28 In contrast, only half of all patients enrolled in the current trial received a retroperitoneal node dissection, and patients who received total laparoscopic hysterectomy were. Laparoscopy vs. Open Laparotomy - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing: This surgical exhibit compares and contrasts the differing operative field of view during an arthrosopic surgery versus that of an open laparotomy. It is designed to emphasize the expanded field of view and full appreciation of pathology that is made available.

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In the late '80s the successes of the laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder disease laid the foundations on the modern use of this surgical technique in a variety of diseases. In the last 20 years, laparoscopic colorectal surgery had become a popular treatment option for colorectal cancer patients. Many studies emphasized on the benefits stating the significant advantages of the laparoscopic. Laparoscope definition, a flexible fiberoptic instrument, passed through a small incision in the abdominal wall and equipped with biopsy forceps, an obturator, scissors or the like, with which to examine the abdominal cavity or perform minor surgery. See more

Treating adnexal masses: operative laparoscopy vs. laparotomy: Hidlebaugh D A, Vulgaropulos S, Orr R K Record Status. This is a critical abstract of an economic evaluation that meets the criteria for inclusion on NHS EED. Each abstract contains a brief summary of the methods, the results and conclusions followed by a detailed critical. T1, 10 min after the induction of anaesthesia; T2, 40 min after opening the peritoneum in the laparotomy group or pneumoperitoneum in the laparoscopy group; T3, at the end of surgery; T4, 1 h after the surgery. Bar displays the standard deviation. *P<0.05, vs the laparotomy group; † P<0.05, vs baseline values (T1) within the group Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique used to perform surgical procedures within the abdominal cavity, utilizing specialized instruments introduced through small incisions made on the abdominal wall. The abdominal cavity is first accessed using a trocar or a Veress needle, most commonly in the midline (peri-umbilical region). The peritoneal cavity is then insufflated with. Laparoscopy is being used with increasing frequency in the surgical management of benign ovarian masses. Despite the widespread use of laparoscopy for excision of ovarian masses and reported. Objective To compare intra-operative and post-operative differences between laparotomy and laparoscopy for antenatal appendectomy, and to determine differences in obstetrical outcomes between patients whose final pathology showed acute appendicitis to those with normal appendices. Study design Retrospective cohort study of all antenatal.

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